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Transfer GPS: Graduation Pathway for Success

When working on an Associate in Arts degree at Eastern Florida State College, we know that your long-term goals may include moving on to a university or Florida College System (FCS) institution to pursue a Bachelor's degree. Universities and colleges determine the courses and prerequisites required in order to receive a Bachelor's degree for a chosen program. The A.A. degree will transfer to a university or FCS institution, but not all credits may satisfy the Bachelor's program prerequisites or the course requirements. It is important to know the program requirements and to satisfy as many of these courses as possible at EFSC while completing your A.A. degree.

We've created Transfer Pathways to guide your academic journey

EFSC's Transfer GPS, or Graduation Pathway for Success, are designed to prepare students for transfer to a Florida public university or FCS institution as a junior. The courses listed in the Pathway are common prerequisites which are required for the noted major at the university. For more information on common prerequisites, check the statewide advising manual at Specific institutions may have additional requirements, so it is best to check with your transfer institution and meet with an EFSC advisor. Choose the GPS from the list on this web page that best meets your future academic and career pathway. These pathways are designed for students enrolled on a full-time basis, but you can tailor them to your individual schedule.

University programs can be limited access so follow a GPS

Some programs have limited enrollments; in order to select students, these programs may have additional admission requirements which are more restrictive than the university's general admission requirements. The requirements may include one or more of the following: completion of specific courses, minimum grade point average, minimum test scores, interviews, auditions, submission of a portfolio, and deadlines.

A.A. graduates are not guaranteed admission into limited-access programs but are guaranteed that:

  1. The Florida State College (FSC) student will have the same opportunity to enroll in a university limited-access program as the native university student.
  2. Selection and enrollment criteria for a university limited-access program will be established and published in catalogs and appropriate publications. Notification of any changes in a program will include sufficient time for prospective students to adjust to meet program criteria.