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A.A. Pathway: Bachelor's in Elementary Education at UCF

This transfer GPS prepares students who complete the Associate in Arts degree at EFSC to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Completion of courses and requirements, as per the articulation agreement, prepares the student for preferred acceptance into the B.S. in Elementary Education at UCF.

Adjust your pace to graduation by taking more or fewer classes each term or attending year-round. This transfer GPS provides guidance on planning for transfer admission into the University of Central Florida's (UCF) Elementary Education progra only. It does not guarantee admission to other Florida public colleges or universities. Requirements may vary by institution and can change each year. Students are encouraged to consult an EFSC advisor and check with the advising or admissions office at the intended transfer institution.

Possible Concentrations: Elementary Education
Potential Careers: Teacher, curriculum developer, guidance counselor, health educator, instructional coordinator, librarian, social service manager, social worker, textbook sales manager, training specialist. Non classroom careers may require additional education.
Meta-Major: Education

Foreign Language Requirement: Students initially entering Eastern Florida State College in 2014-15 and thereafter, who are pursuing an A.A. degree, must demonstrate competency in a foreign language at a level equal to two years of high school world language (sequential, in the same language) or American Sign Language coursework. This is pursuant to F.S. 1007.262.

Civic Literacy Competency: Per F.S. 1007.25 (4) - Beginning with students initially entering a Florida College System institution or state university in the 2018-2019 school year and thereafter, each student must demonstrate competency in civic literacy.

 Important Notes:

  • This pathway is for planning purposes only; it does not guarantee admission to a college or university. Following the suggested course sequence for completion will better prepare you for transfer and acceptance. Following the plan will minimize extra courses that may impact you financially.
  • Courses identified by PATHWAY COURSE are recommended or required for admission into the bachelor’s degree.
  • Some courses have prerequisites that may increase the time and credits required to complete the degree.
  • Courses designated by * require a mandated 15-hour field experience requirement.
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA for transfer and passage of the General Knowledge Test.

Download printable version of Education EFSC AA to UCF BS: Transfer GPS



Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
ENC 1101 Composition 1 Gen Ed/ Communication 3
MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra Elective 3
SPC 2608 Fundamentals of Speech Gen Ed/ Communication 3
EDF 2720* Children in Schools: Leg, Eth, & Safety Con. PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
    Term Total 12


Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
ENC 1102 Composition 2 Gen Ed/ Communication 3
MAC 1105 College Algebra (UCF Preferred) Gen Ed/ Math 3
EDF 1005* Introduction to the Teaching Profession PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
PSY 2012 Psychology (UCF Preferred) Gen Ed/ Behavioral 3
    Term Total 12


Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
  Physical Science Gen Ed/ Physical Science 3
    Term Total 6


Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
POS 2041 American National Government (UCF Preferred) Gen Ed/ Social 3
MGF 1106/7 Topics in Math or Exploration in Mathematics Gen Ed/ Math 3
EDF 2085* Introduction to Diversity for Educators PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
  Humanities-List 1 (MUL 2010; PHI 2010; THE 2000 - UCF Preferred) Gen Ed/ Humanities 3
    Term Total 12


Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
EDF 2130* Child & Adolescent Development PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
EDE 2280 Art & Wellness in Elementary Classrooms PATHWAY COURSE Elective 3
 BSCC 1005 Fundamentals of Biology (UCF Preferred) Gen Ed/ Life Science 4
  Social/Behavioral Gen Ed/ Social/Beharioral 2-3
    Term Total 12/13


Course Course Title Subject Area Credits
  Elective Elective 3
  Humanities-List 2 Gen Ed/ Humanities 3
    Term Total 6
    Cumulative Total 60 - 61