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Healthcare Navigator A.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion FAQ Table

Question 1:  What is a Healthcare Navigator?

A Healthcare Navigator is a health professional trained in providing patients and community members with resources and information on the healthcare industry including health insurance, patient referrals, and community resources.

Healthcare Navigators are often in patient advocacy roles, ensuring that patients are connected to the appropriate services and resources.

As a health navigator, you may assist special populations such as the elderly and those who have limited health literacy with accessing and maximizing benefits from community services, clinical care, and health insurance. You may also facilitate access to care and follow-up for patients with complex health issues such as cancer or HIV.

The goal of Healthcare Navigators is to improve patient care, community access, and overall health outcomes.

Question 2:  What types of environments does a Healthcare Navigator work in?

Healthcare Navigators may work in any clinical healthcare environment, community health departments, with health insurance agencies, or virtually with health-related organizations.

Question 3:  What career fields could a student with an A.S. degree in Healthcare Navigation find employment in?

There are many different job titles that are associated with the duties and responsibilities of a Healthcare Navigator. Some positions will only require a high school diploma with experience in health navigation, some may require an Associate Degree, and other positions may require further education such as a Bachelor of Public Health Degree.

Position titles may include, but are not limited to:

  • Care Navigator
  • Community Navigator
  • Health liaison
  • Health technician
  • Healthcare Host/Hostess
  • Healthcare Customer Service Representative
  • Healthcare advocate
  • Health technician
  • Health outreach coordinator
  • Health navigator coordinator
  • Medical intermediary
  • Medical liaison
  • Patient/health navigator
  • Patient advocate
  • Transitional care Navigator
  • Wellness Advocate

Question 4:  What is the anticipated salary range for a Healthcare Navigator?

Salary ranges will depend on job title, education, and prior experience. In Florida the average salary for a Patient Navigator is around $45,792 with a range of $37,458 to $55,351. Another estimate for a Health Navigator in the United States is approximately $34,879 per year in contrast to another estimate for a Healthcare Navigator salary of $55,500. Students who are interested in this field should conduct a job search utilizing some of the titles listed in the FAQ section to learn more about requirements and anticipated salaries.

Question 5:  Are there any professional certifications applicable to Healthcare Navigators?

Students completing their Associate in Science Degree in Healthcare Navigation may be eligible to sit for the Board Certified Patient Advocate certification. For more information on this please visit the Patient Advocate Certification Board

Question 6:  Do I have to submit a health science application to be in the Healthcare Navigator program?

No. The Healthcare Navigator program is not limited access and does not require a separate Health Sciences application, only EFSC's general admissions application. You can also get your major changed to Healthcare Navigator through any EFSC admissions office.

Question 7:  How can I get help scheduling my classes?

The Health Science Advisors can help you create a plan of study that you can follow to complete the required coursework. You can meet with a Health Science Advisor by making an appointment..