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Medical Assistant Criteria & Courses

The information below is provided to help ensure the student’s success. Please click on each category and read the content thoroughly. The Medical Assisting program offers a CCC program with an option to then pursue an A.S. degree. Current and future students should work closely with a health science advisor and the program managers as they plan their course of study.

 Registration Criteria & Course Sequencing

Entrance Criteria: Prerequisites


CCC:  To qualify for entrance into the program, the student must: 

  1. Take the College Placement test and be college-level in Reading 
  • If you are a First-Time in College (FTIC) student, you must submit college placement test scores or take the PERT test with our testing office.
  • Exemptions/Waivers are allowed, for those that qualify.
  • You are not allowed to take any science course(s) for this program, unless Reading developmental courses have been passed (or the PERT Reading test was passed successfully). Any reading developmental course(s) MUST be passed prior to program acceptance (core courses). 

2. Have completed support courses to enter the program. Completion of these courses will be confirmed by a Nursing & Health Science Advisor at the start of walk-in registration for your intended program start. Courses must be taken within 10 years of the program start.


Course Course Name Credits
BSCC 2093

Anatomy & Physiology 1

CGS 2100 Microcomputer Applications 3
HSCC 1000 Introduction to Health Care 3
HSC 1531 Medical Terminology 2



Course Course Name Credits

BSCC 2094

Anatomy & Physiology 2

*Should be taken in the first term of the program with core courses
(Or Summer term of program, if Spring start) - see below sequence

Suggested Course Sequencing: CCC Core courses

Core classes are only offered on the Cocoa and Palm Bay campuses (Core classes begin with MEAC or MEA). 

Below is an example of suggested course sequencing for Fall and Spring starts. It is your responsibility to complete the support courses before start of core courses or during the first 1-2 terms of the program (All support courses must be completed in the terms prior to be eligible for the MEA1808 Practicum).

NOTE:  RTE 1092 is not a core course, and is taken in one of the core semesters. BSCC 2094 is a support course, but is advised to take at beginning of program with core courses.


 Term Course Number Course Title Credits Course Length (weeks)
  MEAC 1205 Clinical Competencies 8 12
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator 2 12
  BSCC 2094

Anatomy & Physiology 2

4 16
  MEAC 1336 Administrative Competencies/Coding 8 16
  MEAC 1260 Medical Office Lab Procedures 4 16
Summer (or Fall B)        
  MEA 1808 Medical Assistant Practicum Experience 6 4



Term Course Number Course Title Credits Course Length (weeks)
  MEAC 1336 Administrative Competencies/Coding 8 16
  MEAC 1260 Medical Office Lab Procedures 4 16
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator (if not taken in Fall term) 2 16
  BSCC 2094

Anatomy & Physiology 2 

 4 see course schedule 
  MEAC 1205 Clinical Competencies 8 12
  RTE 1092 Basic X-ray Machine Operator (if not taken Spring term) 2 12
  MEA 1808 Medical Assistant Practicum Experience 6 4

Information about MEA 1808 "Final Class"

MEA 1808 Practicum Experience - 6 Credits (4 weeks) Signature Required

IMPORTANT NOTE: All courses (support and core) must be complete with a "C" or better to register for MEA 1808. Signature by Program director/instructor is required for the course. Regardless of academic grades in each core class, students must pass clinical competencies performance including work ethics, critical thinking, time-management and multi-tasking. If the student is not clinically capable in the opinion of the clinical faculty, the student will not be allowed to complete the final phase of the program; therefore, the student will not graduate from the program.

This course is offered Summer term or Fall ONLY — Off-site in a Physician's Office

This is a graduation program requirement. The course is 8 credits and is payable by the student or financial assistance.

(If taking in Fall, Students must register at the beginning of the fall semester with MEAC 1205.)

  • This course is Monday through Friday and a 40 hour week minimum or more.
  • Transportation to and from is your responsibility.
  • You should remember this is coming and financially adjust throughout the year.
  • You should allow for childcare and other life issues that may prevent you from going to site as expected each day.
  • Because you are responsible for a 40 hour or more daytime week, working is not advised.

Medical Assisting Advanced A.S. Degree: Information & Courses


To advance to the Associate Degree, the learner must:

1.  Have achieved/completed all phases of the College Credit Certificate listed above.

2.  Take the remainder of the College Placement test (PERT), if you have not done so already. You must be college-level in math and writing. Exemptions/Waivers are allowed, for those who qualify.

3. Applied and passed the national certification credential - You must present your credentials before you will be accepted in this major.

4. Have completed the CCC core courses, no later than 3 years prior to the AS degree start.

5. Completed the online Nursing and Health Sciences Program application and paid the $25 application fee.

6. See a Health Science Advisor to get your major changed and review your completed coursework.

To graduate with the Associate Degree, the learner must complete the additional 21 credits listed below.

General Education Courses Credits Needed: 15
MAC1105 College Algebra  3 (Computation)
ENC 1101 Communications 1 3 (Written Communications)
SPC 2608 Fundamentals of Speech Communications 3 (Oral Communications)
PSY 2012 General Psychology 3 (Social / Behavioral Science)
  Humanities Requirement (Choose any) 3 (Humanities)
Advanced Courses Credits Needed: 6
SLS 2261 Leadership 3
HIMC 1000 Intro to HIM (Note: HIMC 1000 is only available in the Fall term) 3
Total Credits earned for the College Credit Certificate: 44
Total credits needed for AS degree: 65