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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  My U.S. citizenship application is in progress. Do I qualify?

No. BPTC requires that applicants with pending citizenship complete the naturalization process prior to entry.

Question 2:  What defines "good moral character"?

Florida Administrative Code, Rule 11.B.27.0011 provides guidelines for agencies to determine if an applicant is of good moral character. The final determination will be made by the agency considering an applicant for hire. The Florida Supreme Court and the District Court of Appeals have ruled that: "Moral Character as used in this statute means not only the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, but the character to observe the difference; the observance of the rules of right conduct, and conduct which indicates and establishes the qualities generally accepted to the populace for positions of trust and confidence." 347 So. 2d 1102 (Fla. DCA 1997), and

"In our view a finding of a lack of "Good Moral Character" should not be restricted to those acts that reflect moral turpitude. A more appropriate definition of the phrase requires an inclusion of acts and conduct which would cause a reasonable man to have substantial doubt about an individual's honesty, fairness, and respect for the rights of others and for the laws of the state and nation." 364 So. 2nd 454 (Florida Supreme Court,1978)

Question 3:  What is "omitted information"?

A thorough background investigation requires a broad range of information about a candidate. Applicants must strive to respond to each section of the background package completely and in detail. BPTC believes that significant details from a person's life are seldom forgotten or overlooked, especially when applying for a position of public trust. Any questions about whether a detail should be included in the background package should be directed to a BPTC staff member before submission of the package for review. Otherwise, we may consider information later discovered in the investigation to have been intentionally omitted. Please ask if you have any question or doubt.

Question 4:  Is the two-year rule on marijuana use firm?


Question 5:  I've only experimented with drugs. Will I be disqualified?

"Experimentation" is a subjective term. A level that seems experimental to some may be considered abuse by BPTC. Full disclosure up front is your best opportunity to determine your eligibility now or in the future. We're here to help, so talk to us.

Question 6:  What is "delivery" of a controlled substance?

Delivery is handing a controlled substance from yourself or one person to another, whether or not you actually use the substance yourself. Delivery includes passing a "joint", carrying drugs from one person or place to another without payment, giving another person drugs lawfully prescribed to you, or acting as an unpaid go-between in any illegal drug transaction.

Question 7:  Are the rules on criminal traffic convictions and moving traffic violations in the last 5 years firm?


Question 8:  Why could I be disqualified for committing a crime I was never arrested for or convicted of?

The fact that an act was committed may lead to a finding that an applicant lacks good moral character as required by law and rule. Our agencies will not hire those whose conduct has been pervasively criminal, anti-social, or the result of repeated poor judgment. If you are concerned about the effect of some life event on your qualification to serve please discuss it with a BPTC staff member before submitting your application.

Question 9:  I have a few issues in my background. Should I even try to apply?

If you ask this question you probably know the answer. Some people, however, are overly concerned about minor issues, especially in the distant past. While it is true that some acts are permanently disqualifying, BPTC staff are always willing to meet with you by appointment to review individual issues and help interpret your situation in light of the established policies.