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EFSC Paramedic Program FAQ

What is the Eastern Florida State College Paramedic Program?

The Eastern Florida State College Paramedic Program is a certification program with college credit to be applied to a our AS in EMS degree. It is designed to prepare a cross-trained worker for employment in the pre-hospital environment and emergency or critical care areas in the hospitals.

Where can Paramedics work, and is there a demand for the profession?

Paramedic's mostly work pre-hospital on ambulances. However, you will probably have to be a firefighter also.

Other opportunity's without having to become a firefighter are Cath Lab Techs, certain offices, and in the Emergency Department as a Paramedic or Paramedic-educator.

The demand is high in Brevard County and most of the state of Florida.

What courses do students need to take?

Students wishing to complete the program must complete all the following required courses, in order:

  Term I 
  Term II 
  Term III 
  EMS 2603
  EMS 2604 
  EMS 2605 
 EMSL 2603
EMSL 2604 
 EMSL 2605
  EMS 2664 
   EMS 2665 
   EMS 2659 

What is considered successful completion of a Paramedic Program course? 

A grade of  "C" or better in each course is required before receiving a certificate or advancing to the next course. 

Do I have to take and pass all courses per term at the same time?

Yes. There are specific exceptions, such as military leave, which are addressed on an individual basis. All courses in first, second and third term are co-requisite courses and must be taken at the same time.

Do I have to apply for graduation for the Paramedic Program if I want to graduate with an A.S. in EMS?  

Yes. You must apply for both. One is a certification program with college credit, and the other is a degree.  

Am I allowed to use my paid time as clinical time? 

No. This is a direct violation to our National Accreditation Standards and the Florida statutes.  

Am I required to follow EFSC Paramedic Program dress code, jewelry and hygiene rules? 

Yes. These rules meet safety, infection control, OSHA and professional standards. Dual enrollment students must adhere to all program dress and hygiene requirements and may not be excused from these by their high school. EFSC follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) infection control guidelines regarding length of nails, presence of artificial nails and use of fingernail polish. EFSC regulations on dress, hair and nails are necessary to protect our patients as well as the student. 

When are the classes and are they 24/48 shift friendly? 

EFSC offers a 24/48 shift friendly course schedule. This means that the majority (but not the complete program) can be accomplished without taking any time off if you work a customary 24-on, 48-off shift. The program is a day time class only; EFSC does not currently offer a night class.  

If I started Paramedic school elsewhere but didn't finish, can I finish at EFSC? 

You may be able to, that depends on where you went to school, how long ago it was, and if you passed or not. Most likely we will need to evaluate your transcripts to determine if EFSC is right for you.

Is there financial aid available for the program?

Yes, there are financial aid programs available for Paramedic. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on what types and what the availability is.

If I recently had a physical through work, do I have to get another one?  

No, as long as the physical was less than one year ago, you will not have to get another one. All you will need to do is take our form to your doctor's office and have it completed. 

If I don't have medical benefits where can I get a physical?

Many of the walk-in clinics and the Brevard County Health Department offer low cost physicals and immunizations for students. Please check with them.