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Institutional Review Board FAQ

Question 1:  Does my research need to be approved by the IRB?

If you are conducting research with human subjects, your research needs to be reviewed by the Eastern Florida State College Institutional Review Board.

Question 2:  How can I determine if my research involves human subjects?

The Federal Regulations set up to protect human research subjects provides this definition: Human subject means a living individual about whom an investigator (whether professional or student) conducting research obtains (1) data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) identifiable private information. (CFR 45, Part 46.102(f))

Question 3:  How do I submit a research proposal to the EFSC IRB?

See the IRB Research Proposal Submissions page for information on how to submit research proposals.


Question 4:  Will the IRB review research protocols that involve animals?

The EFSC IRB does not review research with animals. Research proposals with animals are reviewed by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Question 5:  Can I conduct research at EFSC for a thesis/dissertation?

Yes, investigators need to complete acceptable training for research involving human subjects and have their educational institutions review and approve the research prior to submitting research protocol to the EFSC IRB.

Question 6:  Do I need to complete any research ethics training prior to conducting research at EFSC?

Yes, training in ethical research with human subjects is a requirement. See the IRB Training and Resources page for more information. Before the IRB will approve an application the investigator, all co-investigators and all research personnel must have completed training in the use of human participants. Certificate of completion of appropriate training must be less than three years old and should be submitted along with the research application.

Question 7:  What documents do I need for submission?

In order to submit a research proposal you will need the following documents: current certificate of completion of ethics research with human subjects, external IRB approval (if applicable), description of your research, all assessments and consent forms, and the EFSC IRB Application. More information is available on the Submitting Research Proposals page and documents are available on the IRB forms page.

Question 8:  How long will the IRB process take?

Determination of exempt research and expedited reviews take 1-2 weeks. Research that necessitates full IRB review takes 3-4 weeks.

Question 9:  What should I do when the research is complete or when the approved time for research is going to expire?

Fill out the Continuing Review or Termination form to inform the EFSC IRB that the research is complete. All forms are available on the IRB Forms page.

Question 10:  What should I do if there is an unanticipated event that may result in loss of data, physical harm or emotional harm to participants?

Notify the EFSC IRB within 24 hours of becoming aware of any unanticipated events or problems. Email the completed Adverse Event, Unanticipated Problem, or Increased Risk form to the All forms are available on the IRB Forms page.

Question 11:  Who should I contact if I'm interested in conducting undergraduate research at EFSC?

Contact Us

Questions about the IRB process should be directed to:
Dr. Mark Quathamer. IRB Chair and Director of Institutional Research
Eastern Florida State College

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