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Submitting Research Proposals

Please read through this page for instructions on how to submit a research proposal to the EFSC Institutional Review Board. All of the forms needed for initial submission and research updates are located on the IRB Forms page. If you are currently receiving or applying for funding for your study from an external sponsor (e.g., NIH, NSF, USDA, etc.), include copies of your proposal to the funding agency. The IRB cannot review your application without concurrently reviewing the funding proposal.

All submitted research proposals are reviewed as received. An initial review will be conducted by the IRB Chair to determine:
1. Completeness of submission
2. Type of IRB review required. There are three types of IRB reviews:

  • IRB Exempt: Research is determined not to involve human subjects.
  • Expedited Review: Only for those proposals which meet the guidelines found in the categories of Research That May Be Reviewed by the IRB through an Expedited Review. Expedited reviews are completed by the IRB Chairperson or designator and should be complete in 1-2 weeks.
  • Full IRB Review: The full board will meet as required to review and approve research proposals that cannot be expedited. 

Acceptable Research Requests

research labIn terms of human subjects, the types of research requests and/or methods that the IRB is willing to accept would be approved assessments, questionnaires, interviews and surveys. When conducting research as a requirement for a degree program at another institution (e.g. master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation) researchers must receive clearance from their home institution and from the EFSC IRB (see checklist in manual). Currently the EFSC IRB will not review research involving animals or that would require FDA oversight. For information on conducting research with animals, review the EFSC animals on campus policy.

The EFSC IRB will permit faculty, staff and students as human research subjects. All subjects must give informed consent. At Eastern Florida State College, the use of human subjects in research activities is governed by the Office for Human Research Protection (CFR 45 Part 46). All requests to conduct research using EFSC institutional data, faculty, staff, and employees must include a formal letter requesting permission using the guidelines noted in the IRB Manual and Request to Conduct Research Guide.

Required Ethics Training

Before the IRB will approve an application, the investigator, all co-investigators and all research personnel must have completed acceptable training in the use of human participants. A certificate of completion of appropriate training must be submitted along with the research application.

Submitting a Research Proposal

Research requests must be submitted to the Eastern Florida State College IRB through the online research application submission system. Please review Eastern Florida's IRB Meeting and Submission Dates to be sure you submit your protocol on time for a full board review. As part of the research application process, investigators must:

  • Complete training in ethical research with human participants
  • Obtain IRB approval from primary research institution (if applicable)
  • Complete the downloadable Human Subjects Research Application
  • Provide a description of research which includes:
    1. The rationale and purpose of the study
    2. Description of the participants
    3. Summary of the materials/instruments required, design and procedure(s)
    4. Copies of any assessments, questionnaires, survey, and/or interview protocols expected to be implemented