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Important Early Admission Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures, the information in this box about adjusted processes supersedes other information on this page that would require an in-person service.
Due to Campus closures, completed Early Admission Packet documents must be emailed as attachments to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at — that includes these three documents: Early Admission Application with essays; the Student/Parent Agreement; and the 2021 Early Admission Eligibility Evaluation that was completed by your Guidance Counselor.

If you have not already completed the College Placement Testing Requirement, an alternate remote testing option is now available. Students who are waiting for a testing appointment should submit their application file by the deadline and it will be considered pending until a testing appointment is available. Once documents have been received and processed, students will be notified by Titans student email so check that frequently.

If you are a first time Dual Enrolled (DE) student applying for Early Admission and need to complete the required DE Orientation, visit the orientation page for details on how to do that online.

Since high schools are closed, students who would like to receive an Early Admission packet can also email

Remember that to be considered for the Early Admission Program, students must have completed the EFSC online application for admission and received their college acceptance letter before submitting Early Admission Packet documents.

Please note: Early Admissions Information Packets for the 2021-22 school year, will be available in February.

Explore Early Admission

Early Admission is a form of dual enrollment that enables qualified students to spend their senior year at Eastern Florida as full-time students. Students earn credits that count toward both a college degree and a high school diploma. Upon completion of their senior year, early admission students are no longer eligible for dual enrollment.

The College does not charge participants tuition and certain fees. Early admission students, can complete a full year of college at minimal cost by enrolling in five EFSC courses in both the fall and spring terms. To remain in the program, students must enroll in four courses totaling 12 credit hours each term.

Public school students receive required college textbooks and access codes from their high school. Private school students are responsible for purchasing these items. In accordance with Florida Statutes, EFSC loans required instructional materials to home school students.

While early admission students must take all their courses at the College, they remain eligible to participate in high school clubs and athletics and to attend all high school graduation activities. Many are also involved in College clubs and organizations, such as the Student Government Association or Phi Theta Kappa.

At the time of application, home school, private school and Brevard public school applicants for Early Admission must be in the equivalent of 11th grade. Brevard public school students must have completed all required subject-area courses for graduation by the designated summer deadline, except for one high school credit each in English, science, social studies and math. Public school students must complete these requirements while in early admission by dual enrolling in equivalent college courses at Eastern Florida.

To be considered for the Early Admission Program, students must have already completed the EFSC online application for admission and received their college acceptance letter before submitting an Early Admission Application following the process explained in the accordion below. Additional eligibility criteria include:

- College-ready placement test scores in reading, writing, and mathematics

- An unweighted cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0

- Meeting the Early Admission application deadline of Thursday, May 14, 2020

How to Apply for Early Admission

EFSC delivers Early Admission Application packets to each Brevard County public high school guidance office during the week of February 10, 2020. Each packet contains the application paperwork and a letter of instruction. Public school students may request an application packet from their high school guidance office.

Early Admission Application packets are also available at the Welcome Desk in the registration area on each EFSC campus or they may be obtained by calling the EFSC Office of Dual Enrollment at 321-433-5155 or emailing the EFSC Dual Enrollment Program Assistant,
Donna C. Binninger at

Course Registration

Early Admission students must register in person with an EFSC advisor. Participants must enroll in at least four courses equaling 12 credit hours or more each term and earn sufficient credits at the college to meet high school graduation requirements. Course co-requisites, such as Chemistry Lab, do not count toward meeting the four course minimum.

Brevard public school students may not register for more than five courses each term unless they have an unweighted high school GPA of at least 3.5 and the permission of their high school.


Call EFSC's Dual Enrollment Office at 321-433-7152.

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