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Click for COVID Safety, Reporting Information, including 6-foot social distancing requirement in all college buildings, mask and vaccination practices, and the process for student Return to Campus approvals. To support students with Spring Term applications and registration, on-campus services are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment, with virtual options also still in place. See the Student Services Guide for details.

RegisterBlast: EFSC's On-Campus Test Appointment Scheduler

All on-campus test appointments for the Cocoa, Melbourne and Palm Bay Assessment Centers are being scheduled via the RegisterBlast online scheduling system. The Titusville Center is open only for academic testing for EFSC students approved for accommodations, with that scheduling also through RegisterBlast. Carefully review all of the information below and then use the approproate Campus button at the end of this page.

RegisterBlast General Rules:
  • Titan Student email will be used if one has been issued to the test candidate.
  • A confirmation email is immediately generated when a test appointment is booked. A reminder email will also be sent 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • There are no refunds for no shows for scheduled test appointments.
  • Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis due to extraneous/unusual circumstances and are limited to the test fee only. Contact
Using RegisterBlast to Request an Access Code for a Retest or When Required:
  • Because RegisterBlast collects fees when making an appointment, EFSC wants to be sure you do not register and pay a fee for a test you do not need. This means that in retest situations you may need to first use RegisterBlast to request an access code and then return to RegisterBlast with that code to schedule an actual test appointment.
  • When an access code is required, the system will ask if you have one. To receive the code, complete the RegisterBlast form and select the option to request approval, Add to Cart then Confirm Registration. 
  • You will first receive an email confirmation that your access code request has been submitted and is being reviewed. Be sure to check for that email so you know you did submit the request.
  • Within 3 days, an EFSC staff member will email your Titan student email account with more information and include any access code that you would need to then return to the RegisterBlast system and make a testing appointment.
  • To summarize, retest registration will require two visits to RegisterBlast: 

    • First to request approval and provision of correct Access Code which generates the fee billing
      • PERT→ Retest → I need approval → Add to Cart → Complete Registration
    • Request will be reviewed and appropriate Access Code will be emailed to address provided
    • Second access to RegisterBlast
      • PERT → Retest → I have approval → At prompt, enter Access Code provided → Add to Cart → Fee will be generated → Pay fee → Complete Registration
RegisterBlast System Benefits:
  • Self-service online test appointment Scheduling Program available 24/7 for on-campus appointments
  • Allows you to schedule up to 24 hours before a test appointment for most typed of testing
  • Accepts credit card payment for test fees at the time of scheduling
  • Portal can accommodate non-EFSC students as well as those accepted to the college
  • Integrated in EFSC website; no external link required
  • No more calling, leaving messages, waiting for a return phone call to schedule an on-campus test appointment.
  • Eliminates the need to visit the EFSC Business Office to pay a test fee. A small handling fee will be added for processing the credit card test fee payment.
  • Allows student to reschedule the test appointment up to 24-48 hours before (Rescheduling restrictions vary based on type of test).

Exams available for scheduling with RegisterBlast

If a location is not specified in the list below, the exam can be scheduled on the Cocoa, Melbourne or Palm Bay campus. Most tests listed below are not available on the Titusville Campus. You can check campus links for your preferred day and time, but please only schedule one test session.

  1. PERT: initial test and retests - Retest requests will receive specific Access Codes to ensure eligibility and proper fees. The codes will be used to schedule the actual test appointment and can take up to 3 business days to process. View additional PERT details if needed before registering.
  2. TABE: initial test and retests - Ensure retesting is after 90 days or with 30 hours of instruction in each subject. View TABE testing details if needed before registering.
  3. TEAS: Test of Essential Academic Skills - Students registering for in-person TEAS testing will need to provide proof of intent to enter a health or nursing limited access program as part of the appointment registration process. View additional TEAS details if needed before registering.
  4. CLEP and DSST Exams (Melbourne Only) - Review these credit by exam details if needed before registering.
  5. Automotive Services Excellence (ASE - Cocoa & Melbourne) - Review ASE industry certification details if needed before requesting an on-campus exam through RegisterBlast
  6. Foreign Language Competency Exam (BYU/Flats) - View the foreign language competency exam information if needed before using RegisterBlast to schedule an on-campus exam.
  7. Civic Literacy Competency - Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE - All Campuses) - If you are enrolled in, or have taken and passed with a C or higher either POS 2041 or AMH 2020, or met the state course requirement through an accelerated option, you may be ready to schedule this 80 question exam. Chose a campus scheduling button to view day of the week options for each campus. Visit the Civic Literacy page for more information, including details about FCLE retests, before registering.

  COCOA: Schedule an Exam   


MELBOURNE: Schedule an Exam

PALM BAY: Schedule an Exam



Please Note: All remote testing options also still exist and online options include the ACCUPLACER Placement test, TEAS, Academic Exams, and some Industry Certifications. Visit the remote testing page for information on scheduling these remote exams that are not offered on campus and that are not scheduled through RegisterBlast.

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