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Summer Term 2021 Course Delivery Information

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the global community, EFSC remains focused on carefully balancing course delivery options that meet your academic needs while protecting your health and well-being. Summer Term 2021 will feature more on-campus classes, including hybrid courses with both online and in-person components. On-campus safety protocols will be in place, based on the CDC and health department guidelines in effect at the time and in-person class sizes are being kept smaller to accommodate social distancing requirements.

Registration for Summer classes opened on March 29. The EFSC Class Schedule Search Tool is availabke to help you plan your Summer classes. In the Class Schedule, you will see four course types listed, with an important update to EFSC's Live Online delivery method compared to prior terms. It's important you understand the listings and what the course types mean — and that they are subject to change based on the pandemic.

  • Face to Face: These courses are planned for on-campus delivery at the location and time listed with a focus on hands-on training in areas such as Health Sciences, Public Safety, Workforce/Career Tech programs, and science courses with critical lab components, plus general education courses as scheduled. Faculty who are teaching face to face are required to meet with their students in the campus classroom at the course's scheduled times and dates. Faculty will use this time to deliver the course materials. No instruction will occur remotely.
  • Hybrid: Courses with this designation are planned to have both online and on-campus components. Summer Term hybrid classes will follow a 50/50 split weekly between on-campus and online class sessions.
    Important Note: Face-to-Face and Hybrid classes will have reduced limits on the number of students Summer Term so that the on-campus classrooms can accommodate the required social distancing protocols in place to protect the health of students and instructors. If on-campus course sections fill up more quickly, we will do our best to add more sections, but the additions will be delivered using the Live Online class format described below.
  • Live Online: This designation on the Summer Class Schedule indicates classes that transitioned from on-campus delivery to remote delivery online. Starting Summer Term, all Live Online courses will be Live Online Synchronous (LIVE) — an online remote teaching delivery method meant for students who seek the personal interaction of a traditional in-person classroom, live discussion, and a structured schedule but within a virtual class. Faculty who are teaching Live Online are required to meet and interact with their students in the online environment within the scheduled times and dates for the course. Instructors will indicate how synchronous time will be utilized on their syllabus. Important Note: Since a LIVE class is assigned to a campus and not Eastern Florida Online for enrollment purposes, no distance learning fee is charged for a LIVE class. "Live Online" courses on the Class Schedule list a specific day(s) and time(s) so you can not overlap these courses when building your schedule.
  • Online Course: These are the traditional Eastern Florida Online classes without a specific day of the week listed. Online delivery is designed to be 100% online and delivered asynchronously, with no live lectures and no specific meeting times or dates. This teaching delivery method allows for maximum student flexibility. On the Class Schedule, you will see a placeholder time listed of 12:00 AM - 12:01 AM, but again, there are no specific meeting days or times and the online content is available 24 hours a day, with assignment deadlines shared by the instructor. Important Note: Since an Online class is assigned to Eastern Florida Online (EFO) and meets enhanced minimum virtual classroom standards and other quality requirements required of EFO classes, a distance learning fee is charged for an Online class.

Students in a Live Online class must have reliable Internet access, a microphone and a webcam. Instructors will determine how any live video and audio components of the class will work and when within the originally scheduled class time.

EFSC's summer teaching delivery methods listed on the Class Schedule are not subject to change to another modality. However, they are subject to cancellation if they do not satisfy the low enrollment criteria as agreed to by United Faculty of Florida and EFSC Administration.

Visit the Summer Term FAQ page for more details on Summer Term 2021 at EFSC.