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Student Internship Inquiry

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Student Internship Information

The Internship Office at the Career Planning and Development Center coordinates internships for select EFSC Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees and Certificates. EFSC students should review the list of programs eligible for an internship and follow the Internship Process outlined below.

Important Note: These steps are the requirements from the Career Center for the actual internship portion of your internship course. Instructors may also require their own internship-related assignments throughout the semester.  Check with your instructor for details and course requirements.

A general rule is that most internships are completed during the program's final semester. Are you ready for an internship? Once you become eligible, you must complete the following steps in order to successfully finish the internship. You should also review our Frequently Asked Questions page.

6 Steps for Student Internships

Step 1: Take Ownership of Your Internship Experience and Assess Eligibility

Be sure you have checked EFSC's list of programs and corresponding internship courses to see if your program offers an internship.

Use EFSC's myGPS Degree Audit tool to verify your degree progress and that you are ready for the internship. If your progress meets the following criteria, you may be eligible:

  • 90% or more completed for BAS degree-seeking interns
  • 65% or more for A.S. degree-seeking interns
  • Certificate/CCC students should be in the final semester of their program

Be sure your résumé is up to date as you will need this when meeting with potential internship providers. Visit the Career Center's résumé and interviews tips page for access to free tools such as Upkey, a self-paced tool that helps you improve your résumé, short "elevator pitch" and more.

Step 2: Meet with your Academic Advisor and Review your Student Internship Checklist

Discuss your myGPS/Graduation Plan for Success records with your Academic Advisor and determine if you have completed all pre-requisites and met the requirements to complete an internship, plus to verify the internship course fits your education plan.

  • Do you have a Declared Degree?
  • Are you in good academic standing?

Review the Student Internship Checklist for your internship course.

You should know if you are eligible for the internship after meeting with your Academic Advisor.

Discuss internship holds with your Academic Advisor, if they pertain to your internship course.

Some internship courses require instructor approval. If you are unsure about your course, contact Lisa Schuler in the internship office at or call 321-433-5261 to determine whether you need to reach out to the instructor for approval before being able to register.

Step 3: Submit Student Internship Inquiry Form, Complete Orientation in Canvas and Register for the Internship Course

Complete the "Student Internship Inquiry" form found on this web page. Please note that your Titan student email address is preferred when filling out this form because all internship correspondence will be directed to your Titan email account. Once you complete and submit the "Student Internship Inquiry," you will receive an email response from the internship office with a link to the required Internship Orientation course in Canvas.

Complete the Internship Orientation course in Canvas, making sure to complete and submit the Quiz and Application. Once these results are received in the internship office, you will be contacted by the Internship Representative. (Generally within a few days.) Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more guidance on what happens after you submit the form.

Register for your internship course once the registration system opens for the term in which you will intern. If you need assistance registering, contact Lisa Schuler in the Internship Office.

Important Notices
  • When you speak with the Internship Representative, you will discuss potential internship sites and work with her to find a placement site that is right for you.
  • View Internship Partnership Sites — EFSC's listing of sites throughout Brevard County that have hosted previous internship students.
  • Your site does not need to be at a current Internship Partner. The internship office has additional sites on record or you may find one on your own.
  • If you find an Internship Partner Site on your own, the Internship Representative will begin the process of acceptance. Finding a site on your own is not required but is acceptable.
  • If you are seeking an internship site outside of Brevard County, you are responsible for securing your internship site and you must contact Internship Representative Lisa Schuler for that site's approval.
  • All internship sites must be verified by the Internship Representative.
  • Note that although the EFSC faculty has set a minimum internship hour requirement, your internship partner site may have their own requirements. Check with the Internship Representative or your site contact to verify your hours.

Step 4: Return Required Paperwork and Potential Sites List to EFSC's Internship Office

  • During orientation you will read and be asked to sign and return the Student Internship/Practicum Responsibility Agreement to the Internship Office.
  • Submit the names of three potential internship sites by email or phone to the Internship Representative who will reach out to those locations on your behalf.
  • Submit a resume and cover letter applicable for internships to the Internship Office. If you need assistance with either of these items, you may schedule an appointment with a Career Center Coordinator at any of the EFSC Career Center locations. Call the Career Center closest to you to make an appointment.
  • Titusville Career Center: 321-433-7513
  • Cocoa Career Center: 321-433-5571
  • Melbourne Career Center: 321-433-7091
  • Palm Bay Career Center: 321-433-5359

Step 5: Find Internship Site and Return Required Pre-Internship Forms to EFSC's Internship Office

Once you have submitted your Student Internship/Practicum Responsibility Agreement, Resume and Cover Letter, the internship representative will reach out to various partnership sites on your behalf. Once site(s) have been determined, you will prepare to meet with potential internship site(s).

You will schedule an interview with the potential internship site to discover if you are a good fit for the organization and/or if the organization is a good fit for you. Consider this meeting a professional interview and dress professionally. Bring a copy of your resume and your Site Confirmation Form and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)* if the site does not have an Affiliation Agreement with EFSC. *Please note that the Internship Representative will discuss with you whether an MOU is needed.

If this site agrees to host you as their intern for the semester, get the forms signed by the site supervisor or designee, tour the facility and create a schedule for your required hours that works for both you and the internship site.

Important Note: Some internship sites require a background check and/or drug testing. Some sites provide their own, while others may require you to complete such testing on your own. The Internship Office has an account with CastleBranch and can share the information with you on how to register for this service, which costs approximately $150. Call the Internship Representative for more information at 321-433-5261.

Submit the required pre-internship paperwork to the Internship Office prior to starting your hours:

  • Student Internship/Practicum Responsibility Agreement
  • Site Confirmation Form
  • Memorandum of Understanding (if required)

The internship site may require additional internship steps such as completion of an application, completing an orientation or having additional interviews.

Step 6: Complete Required Hours at Internship Site and Return Post-Internship Forms to EFSC's Internship Office

Once any required background check/drug testing results have been received and you have submitted all the required paperwork, you are ready to begin your internship.

Complete your required hours and record those hours on the Internship Hours Reporting Log.

Please note that some students continue their internship for additional hours to complete a project or for other reasons.

As you are nearing the end of your internship, deliver a copy of the Host Evaluation form to your site supervisor to complete. Please collect the completed form to submit along with your completed Student Worksite Review form.

Return the required post-internship paperwork to the Internship Office so it can be processed before the end of the semester. Generally, all forms are due at least two weeks before Finals Week.

Once all your internship paperwork is processed, EFSC's Internship Office will notify your instructor that you have completed all requirements.


EFSC students who are part of a degree or certificate program that qualifies for an internship can apply starting on the dates listed below by term:

Fall Term Internship: March 1
Spring Term Internship: September 1
Summer Term Internship: February 1

Lisa Schuler, Internship Representative
Cocoa Campus Career Center
Building 12 (Library), Room 307